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A Bit About Me - Kathryn

I am a Canadian work at home mom of 4 children. My children are my whole world! I homeschool my daughter and the boys go to public school. I enjoy the flexibility of my business hours. I love dark chocolate, hot tea, vegan foods, and Pinterest!

I love drinking local B.C. wines and have taken a shine to visiting wineries and taste testing! I am a geeky fantasy and sci-fi movie and book lover! I love the Harry Potter movie and book series, Lord of the Rings movies, X-men series,  and of course Star Wars series!! (I totally cried in the theatre when Han Solo was killed)

I have a college certificate in Office Administration, an Early Childhood Educator Certificate, and I have taken many online courses in Virtual Assistance, Social Media, and Blogging.

I have worked in offices and childcare businesses. I ran my own crafting and cake making business for 2 years. I also owned and operated a city licenced home family daycare for 5 years, before starting my Virtual Assistant business over 4 years ago.

Before starting my VA business I also did random freelance jobs and freelance writing through iwriter site, writing over 70 paid articles that clients have used.

I am constantly learning through courses, websites, books and any information I can cram into my brain. I definitely don’t know everything about the vast VA business yet, but I know more than someone just starting out. I can help by giving information and encouragement to anyone who wants to become a VA mom.

Please reach out and connect by following me on my social media accounts, and by emailing me at any time to say hi or ask questions! Let’s be friends!

My VA Business

I specialize in Social Media Managment. I engage with target audiences online, write amazing content, create graphics in Canva, and post content and graphics on social platforms so that my client’s business gains followers and obtains more loyal customers.

I also do Website Design and general Virtual Assistant tasks. In the near future, I plan to just focus on Social Media Management and will be handing off any website design and VA tasks to subcontractors.

I started my VA Mom business with no knowledge of what VA (Virtual Assistant) even meant. I googled and read and googled and youtubed and took some courses on how to become a VA and a blogger.

In the beginning, it was a slow process and I made mistakes, but I pulled through and persevered and now make enough money from my VA business to pay rent, bills, food and more.

You can check out my business website for more information about what I offer, my packages, prices, and read even more about me.

I hope you find Become A VA Mom blog helpful as you start to learn all about the great world of starting your own VA business.

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