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Pick Your VA Business Name

Pick Your VA Business Name

How To Find A Name For Your Business

HELLO!! So excited you are on my blog! I’ve put together a post on how to pick your VA business name.


AWESOME! I’m So Excited for your VA business future!


It is so exciting when you first think of a business you want to start! I bet you can see it all set up in your mind! Shiny and bright and new, getting tons of clients and work.


But, you’re stumped at what you should call your business!?


Finding a business name seems to be the most time-consuming part of many first time business startups. Picking the name that you will be branded with as a business is kind of scary.


My suggestion is to pick at least 5 different names you could see as your business name. Different variations of similar names are ok too. But have at least 5, even more, if you can think of more you would be happy with.


Business Name Sheet – Research

I created a sheet in Canva to help you keep track of all your business name ideas and to check to see if they are available(see below on how to do that). You can grab this sheet and others on my Free Resource page.


Wordoid – Fun Word Finder

This website makes up fun words depending on what your type in. If you are looking for a very unique business name, wordoid is the place to go. You do need to register to use it, but it is free. This can be a bit addicting, as you can enter word after word and see what it comes up with.

I say pick a general and broad name if you want to offer a few different services. But if you have a certain niche or want to offer 1 service that is very niched down, like Social Media Management, or Proof-reading, then you can choose a more specific name like “It’s In The Proof”, for a proofreading VA business, or something like that.


Check The Business Name & Social Media Accounts Are Available


Alrighty, so you hopefully have a long list of possible business names… now its time to see which ones are available, and then pick from the smaller list we make of the names available. This process is how I pick a blog or business name. I had 5 pages of possible names I wanted to call my VA business. I am very happy with the one I widdled it down to.


Pick your business name


Now it’s time to go through each one on your list to check which is available as a domain address, and on the social media sites, you want to use to spread the word about your awesome new blog.


Knowem – Domain & Social Media Research

I use one website to check on the domain and social media availability,


This is the fun part, researching the name list!


When you go through your list you may find many of them are not available in the .com or .net, which is the 2 main ones you want to look for available. Keep going through your list until you have checked all of them. Then it’s time to pick your business name from the last ones left.


Don’t waste a lot of time picking a business name. Don’t let this part of starting your VA business pro-long getting it started. Remember that you can change it later if you really want to. I changed my VA name from when I first started. I niched down fairly fast after I started and wanted a name to reflect that. If you are still new and haven’t licensed your business yet you can easily rebrand and change it.


Goodluck on your business name search. I’m sure whatever name you pick will be perfect.


Don’t Forget To Get The Business Name Research Sheet!


You can comment below and ask others for their opinion between a couple you have!


Let’s connect and be friends! You can email me with any questions you have about this post. Also, follow me on your favorite social media places! I have new accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What is your favorite social media site for networking and meeting people online?


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